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Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, (Vide Affiliation No. 330092), Up to class XII

A Great Place for Education

Our Campus


The healthy , equitable and ecofriendly green campus of CCS is spread through a large area and has a state of art infrastructure. The school has two blocks, one academic and the other administrative , along with two large playgrounds , boys and girls canteen and spacious parking area .

The two blocks are designed to facilitate teaching and administrative work without impediment. The academic block is “U” shaped building .whole structure is earthquake free.

The school has weather controlled and aesthetically laid out classrooms which are well supported by audio visual aids and information and communication technology (ICT) to ensure a vibrant and dynamic environment for the teaching learning process.


Administrative block of the school is well planned and spacious four storey building that consists of fee collection Centre, Biometric Attendance System, Well designed Reception area and school administrative offices. The offices are fully computerized with 24 hours broad band access.

Administrative building saw many new changes this year and with new inclusions it became more modern, presentable, beautiful and well furnished. The prominent features which are added in Administrative block are well designed and modern guest room for visitors. The top floor is completely dedicated to residential area for teachers. It consists of 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats catering to the every need of the teachers.

Digital Smart Classes in School

Through digital classes Chapra Central School uses the advances of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to Provide quality education to every students of every class from Primary, secondary and higher secondary groups. The Digital Interactive classroom in CCS packaged with a robust infrastructure that helps school and its students to stand globally competent with the help of state to the art technology bringing tomorrow's education to students. The resources in our school include comprehensive learning modules, educational games, interactive e-books, audio, 2D/3D video and files. We are proud to say that all the classes of Chapra Central School are fully digitalized now.


HI TECH FEE COLLECTION SYSTEM Chapra Central school provides multi optional for parents to pay fees.Parents can pay online while there is option for payment through credit/debit card or in cash. School has a high end software for fees collection.


CHAPRA CENTRAL SCHOOL is always sector leading in facilities. ‘Make books your best friends'. Chapra Central School has a well stockedlibrary(Having about 10,000 Books) with an impressive index of titles, coveringfiction and nonfiction, resource/reference books, dailies and magazines. Along with this the school offers a range of resources including over books, Periodicals, CD ROMS and a growing collection of Audio-Visual materials.Students are allowed to avail these facilities as per the time table, however it is Compulsory for all students to make use of the library. Two well experienced librarians are always available for any support & expertise to the students. All the best printed books in the East or in the West are treasures of our school library, Books are placed, properly arranged and catalogued and updated regularly to invite the seekers of knowledge to drink deep the fountain of learning and experience it. Books keep the torch of culture burning and keep the students mentally alert. The library subscribes various magazines. for the students to enhance and cope with the modern insatiable demand for knowledge. Thus students are encouraged to make a full use of this facility to develop a love for books from very early age. The school endeavours to make resources ready at hand to extent of the student's furtherance.


The school has a separate block of fully equipped kitchen where expertly planned vegetarian delicious hot meals are served, which are cooked under excellent hygienic conditions


School provides clean drinking water by provided water coolers at every floor.


Arts is a popular subject that encourages individuals to explore and develop their creative potential. For this we have separate Art& Craft room .School has excellent facility for painting, pottery, and sculpture and fabric design. We have two specialist teachers, both are M.F.A. Our staffs in the Arts department work throughout the week so that the students may visit whenever they wish and embark on large scale pieces. Far reaching training is inclined to the students in different section of fine arts like, clay modeling, fancy art, painting ,foil painting, thermocol carving etc.


Laboratories are stimulating places for Science students and since our children need to, practice their hands on experiments. In Chapra Central School emphasis is given on the applied aspect of the studies. We provide every facility to our student to learn practically within the frame of their curriculum. The school has well equipped, state of the art separate laboratories each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology The Physics, Chemistry & Biology Laboratories at CCS cater to the needs of CBSE experiments. As many as 40 students can perform a wide range of experiments simultaneously while the teachers and lab- assistants always at hand provide constant supervision and guidance for optimum results. Projects can be developed of a very superior standard thereby encouraging investigative analysis and reasoning. . Laboratories are the well-equipped utopia for widening the thoughts and instilling a desire to discover and learn for the young budding scientists. It is a paraphernalia through which students explore knowledge and it brings them close to the world of information in a nutshell.

Physics Lab:

Well planned, spacious and well equipped Physics lab has all the interesting sets of equipment to reinforce scientific and experimental concepts and facilitate in developing investigative skills. There are models, charts apparatus, kits, and experimental gadgets to cater the needs of students. In the Physics lab, students discover the law which governs a certain phenomenon or verify a given law which has been derived from a theory.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry laboratory is designed while keeping all the statutory norms and safety standards. It is well ventilated as well as spacious. It has some of the most accurate digital measuring instruments required for measuring chemicals. Here, a scientific attitude is developed in the students along with the ability to analyze, collate, compute, integrate and deduce. In the lab, the students learn to handle apparatus and chemicals. They improve their understanding of various chemical reactions and chemical processes. It enables personal verification of important experimental facts. Logic and reasoning skills that develop in this lab will go a long way in ensuring success in later life.

Biology Lab:

In the biology lab, the students study detailed structures, morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. Study of slides under the microscopes or studying the museum specimens kindles a natural curiosity towards Nature and instills a joy of learning the flora & fauna around us. All the equipment and specimens that we have in the lab are open for the school students to be used under careful supervision. This is a place where our students are given a chance to 'discover' before they are 'told'. Children have the liberty to make models and projects by availing lab facilities. Apart from science labs CCS also has a Maths Lab and two computer labs.

Computers Labs :

To enable child to pace with the ever growing world of technology,the school has two well organized computer laboratories with internet connection . , each child is provided with a separate computers. to work with it>

Music Room

Music is given prime importance as part of the school curriculum. Our school boasts of highly accomplished music staff and a well equipped music on the school campus. Every child is encouraged and nurtured to learn atleast one musical instrument starting from class I. This, however is an optional subject at the senior level owing to the extend of the curriculum.

GPS tracking System in School Buses

CHAPRA CENTRAL SCHOOL has a fleet of buses which operates in the entire city of Chapra. However, the bus facility is optional for students. All of our buses are equipped with GPS system GPS tracking system is being installed in school buses for transportation management solution. This will helps in displaying bus location. Therefore the parents will be able to track the position of their ward's bus anytime and will be able to know where their ward is. So by in integration of GPS it will be more easy to map bus routes accurately and verify bus schedules. Along with this, it will be helpful to track bus if it had taken alternative route in case of excessive traffic jam.

Surveillance through CCTV

CCS knows that CCTV is now an established part of education world and it is very important to use this for utmost vigilance and keeping an eye out for any anomaly or deviation in children's behaviour. Therefore school is equipped with CCTV in every nook and corner of campus.


The whole building is well designed, spacious and eco- friendly. To meet the energy needs of Administrative Building solar energy is harnessed. For this the rooftop is fully laid with solar panels. This is one of the initiatives towards using non-conventional energy resources completely. The complete power consumption of the building is driven by these solar panels 24X7.

Parental Notification System (SMS Alert System) in School.

Chapra Central School has initiated one more way to communicate better with parents by starting SMS Alert System in school. Through SMS alert system communication is made quick, easy and hassle free with the parent. The School thus communicate fees detail, attendance of students, holiday announcements, meetings and important dates to the parents immediately. Thus school is able to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers.


The first aid room has a pediatrician on call. There is consistent checkup of students with prior permission of the parents. It also includes well selected words of encouragement, evidence of willingness to help and promotion of confidence by demonstration of competence.


One of the very new inclusions in the administrative block was REFLEXOLOGY WALKWAY. A new pathway studded with jutting, smooth river stones was constructed based on the principles of Reflexology, an ancient Asian therapy that links health and well-being to specific points on the feet, hands and ears. The walkway was made to enhance the physical well-being of both students and teachers of CCS.

Fire Fighting System

The entire school campus is equipped with firefighting equipment to tackle any type of fire mishaps. There are 29 normal and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers installed at every nook and corners and also in the buses


A school we are in the process of researching and identifying more effective ways of engaging with parents and exploring how we can best respond to ideas offered by them. CCS organize monthly PTMs on the last working day of every month, for better connectivity with parents. Along with this the bonding is made more stronger with SMS system.

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