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Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi, (Vide Affiliation No. 330092), Up to class XII

A Great Place for Education

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

1. To provide high quality education for all students.

2. To provide an academic programme that will require a disciplined approach to the subject matter and to the acquisition of skills, that will engage the interest of student and arouse their intellectual curiosity, and that will fit in for university and for useful and interesting lives.

3. To provide a varied programme of games, cultural activities that will promote the skills and confidence of individual students, enrich the life of the school and create interest for life.

4. To help student establish for themselves a set of convictions and beliefs and to educate young students who will be citizens of the world without being narrowly worldly.

5. To continue to provide high quality conditions and resources for learning and teaching that will enable students to make the most of their time at our Chapra Central School,


1. To develop the school into a model institution.

2. To cope up with the changing time and clime.

3. To impart a positive and constructive education to our students.

4. To nurse and nurture value based education.

5. To inculcate and promote the spirit of nation-building among students.

6. To provide a neat, clean and hygienic environment to our dear students.

7. To provide modern tools & techniques of education to our students through latest technology.

8. To buttress the eco-friendly education system which will teach the students about the hazards of pollution etc.

9. To teach them the life-skill management so that they can face the battle of life vigorously.

10. To shape them into responsible future citizens with an aptitude of caring and sharing.

11. To make our students aware of their consumer rights, through "Consumers Club"

12. Promote the new teaching methodology other than the classroom teaching.

13. To promote scientific temper through DNA club.

14. The new campus is on a total area of 3.5 acres of land (approx) with a constructed area of 18000 sq. if. ( per floor) and is facilitating our students and helping then in their all round development. It is a nicely decorated campus, designed by efficient architects to fulfil the aspirations and expectation of the 21st Century. I pray to the Almighty to help us in achieving our goals:

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