Other Activities

We have activities pertaining to the training of the three H’s : Head, Hand and Heart simultaneously.

1. Health and Hygiene:- Chapra Central School is very much attentive to provide knowledge of health and hygiene to the students, keeping in view that healthy mind lies in healthy body.

Incharge: Mr. Navneet Kumar (M.Sc., B.Ed.)

2. Computer Lab:- A well equipped computer lab with 60 computers having broad-band connectivity to the internet, provides not only education through Computer but also hightech computer packages are taught to make students Silico-skilled and technologically advanced. The school has introduced a special course of computer which provides “Diploma in Computer Application”. The courses taught to the students for Diploma are based on the defined courses of any esteemed computer institution.

Incharge:- Mr. Anuranjan (B.A., DCA, e-commerce, MCSE)

3. Library and Reading Room:- C.C.S. library has a splendid learning resource with over 7,000 books. It houses some of the finest collections of Literature, Science and related books, periodicals, journals, newspapers, CDs., video cassettes etc. that includes numerous study materials and project work etc. The library is fully computerised with internet connection accords open access, which provides the students with perfect ambience for learning, a reading room with sitting capacity of 60 persons at a time has been provided to the students.

Incharge:- Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Jha (B.Lib.), Mr. Kumar Gaurav (M.Lib.)

4. Science and Mathematics Laboratory:- To enhance and inculcate the scientific aptitude among young ones on the basis of “Learning by doing” Chapra Central School has well furnished and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, named after eminent scientists and mathematician as A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Physics Lab., Prof. N.R. Dhar, Chemistry Lab., Sri. J.C. Bose, Biology Lab. and Aryabhatta, Maths. Laboratory. All the laboratories are run under the supervision of:- Dr. S.K. Sinha (M.Sc., Ph.D., F.B.S.)

5. Martial Art Centre:- Keeping in mind that healthy body makes men active and powerful, mental and physical self confidence are beneficial to the mental life of individual as well as to their families neighbours and their nations, our school has a training centre for Martial Art especially TAEKWON-DO. This centre has produced State Level and National Level talented students and is growing further more.

Incharge:- Mr. Suresh Kumar Rajak (Black Belt, 2nd DAN, National Refree)

6. Scholarship and Award:- C.C.S. offers scholarship and benefits to the deserving students, furthering and completing their education, whose education strengthen our community. Merit Awards to the meritorious students are offered every year such as Brajkishore Prasad Merit Award, Kapildeo Prasad Shrivastava Merit Award, Freeship and Half freeship to talented students (Specially those who have shown their excellence to State/National level events.)

(i) D.N.A. Club:- DNA club is a project sponsored by D.B.T. (Department of Bio-Technology), Govt. of India to make aware the students regarding natural resources and biodiversity. The area of activities in this school are as follows:- (i) Guest Lectures (ii) Institutional Visit (iii) Field Trip (iv) Audio-Visual Representation (v) Laboratory Experiments (vi) Projects/Essay Writing/Quiz Competition/Painting Competitions etc. R.R.A. and Monitoring Agency of this project is National Academy of Sciences of India (NASI), Allahabad.

Co-ordinator, D.N.A. Club:- Dr. S.K. Sinha (M.Sc., Ph.D., F.B.S.)

(ii) Eco-Club:- Eco-club has been introduced by C.C.S. to make students aware regarding the surroundings in which they live. Debate, essay competition, quiz competition etc. are regularly organised by the club to understand the problems related to Nature & Environment and to find out their solutions. As we know that plants are the life-line of man-kind, hence, Vriksha-Ropan-Karyakram (Plantation Programme) is organised every year to make students aware of the values and benefits of plants with collaboration of Forest Department, Govt. of India.

Incharge:- Mr. U.P. Sinha (M.Sc., B.T.)