Co-curricular Activity :- It is a platform where a students all round development takes place. It is an indispensable part of a stuedents life as it prepares the students to face the challenges of life in future. It is responsible for organising various extra-curricular events which includes debate, essay writing, extempore speech, calligraphy, story telling, recitation, elocution, solo song, mono-acting, instrumental music, mime, group song, quiz, creative handicraft, rangoli, on the spot painting, clay modelling etc. to tap the potential talent of the students. It has also been responsible for taking the Chapra Central School to its glory in several District level, State level and even National level cultural fests. The cell has a range of divisions which look after specific activities like music, dance, quizzing, essay writing, paper presentation and other cultural & literary activities. It encourages them to explore their hidden talent and instills a spirit of competition in them.

C.C.A. co-ordinator: Mrs. Madhulika Trigunait (M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.), Asst. co-ordinator: Mrs. Shaheen Parvez (M.A., B.Ed.), Miss. Anuja Ranjan (B.A., B.Ed.)

Winners of C.C.A. held in school (2011-12)

Solo Song - Ratnam - V A - Ganga House

Solo Song - Priyanka & Roma Priti - VII D, VIII F - Narmada, Kaveri House

Solo Song - Hari Ashish - IX A - Kaveri House

Extempore Speech - Harsh Raj - IV A - Godawari House

Extempore Speech - Priyanka Chandel - VIII A - Narmada House

Extempore Speech - Md. Irshad - X A - Kaveri House

Story Telling - Samridhi Bhushan - VII A - Narmada House

Poem Recitation - Shivam Kumar - II A - Narmada House

Essay Competition - Saloni Shreya, Mohneesh - VIII A - Ganga House

Essay Competition - Namrata Kumari- X A - Ganga House

On the Spot Painting - Rajnish - V A - Kaveri House

On the Spot Painting - Priyashish Ranjan- VIII G - Kaveri House

On the Spot Painting - Maurya - IX G - Godawari House

Just A Minute - Deepu, Lucky - IV A, V A - Ganga House, Godawari House

Just A Minute - Pratik Raj - V A - Ganga House

Just A Minute - Adif Karim - VIII B - Narmada House

Just A Minute - Shaloo Priya - VII D - Godawari House

Just A Minute - Snigdha - VIII E - Narmada House

Just A Minute - Munazza - IX A - Ganga House

Just A Minute - VIkash - X F - Narmada House

Quiz Competition - Group A - Winner - Godawari House

Quiz Competition - Group B - Winner - Ganga House


Winner House (2011-12)

Narmada House


Runner Up

Ganga House