About Us

Chapra Central School, Chapra one of the elite educational institute in the district has a faculty strength approximately 80. The institution has one of the best employee renumeration programmes which while leaving no stone unturned to provide career enhancement training forums like Awarness Workshops, Multi-skill Training and Seminars. The dedicated staff provides students individual attention making sure that each child keeps up with its respective peer group.

 Our philosophy of education has always been meeting the needs of an individual child. Children acquire skills and knowledge easily if we can make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. In the 21st century, the Digital Revolution affects us all. Quite simply, it is changing everything: a brilliant barrage of information, entertainment, companionship and education. In such a surrounding when work and effort is valued, the child's self-esteem is heightened, and this leads to self-motivation. We try to understand and work with each and every child, and we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the child in our care to develop as a whole.

All these years, chapra central school has nurtured the quest for expanding the horizons of learning and research. The school  has been functioning with a noble vision and mission clearly reflecting its social responsibility and commitment to the nation building. The  institution provides an effective and efficient supports and facilities to academic mission and maintains a conducive and supportive environment to  all students teachers and staff. The school community has qualified and committed faculties who strive to address relevant local and regional challenges, and contribute actively to the needs and aspiration of the society. The school continues to discuss and explore the innovative possibilities for augmenting academic quality .The institution conducts workshops and seminars that bring faculties and students together across disciplines. In addition we promote and facilitate research studies in various disciplines. The school has also been devising and implementing activities and events that increase students and faculties participation in curricular as well as co-curricular activities. The school organizes a wide variety of student activities in addition to cultural and recreational programs throughout the year. The teaching community provides unstinting guidance and motivation to student clubs and organizations, promotes student publications and shapes community service programs to complement and support the class room academic experience of students. The institution is proud of its achievements in games and sports and provides a wide of games and recreational facilities to excel in co-curricular activities that help enrich academic experience. The school aims to provide a unique learning experience devoted to unmatched quality and excellence. Let us strive all  together to keep up the legacy and remarkable history of excellence.