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Dear Pupils,

The Diary has been prepared and planned with a view to help you to inculcate the habit of planned school work and regular study. It is meant for you to note down the instructions given by your teachers and also to let your parents know about the activities of the class room in particular and school as a whole and also your participation in all school activities. You must bring this diary to the school daily without fail and maintain it carefully. It also contains other useful information which you should make proper use of.

Fix your hours of study at your home. Do your home assignments carefully, revise the lessons and prepare for the next days lessons. This habit will pay you in the long run. This school intends to provide you every opportunity for the all round development of your personality by arranging various activities during and after the school hours. It is expected that you will take maximum advantage from this so that the desired and cherished goal of your parents are achieved. The future belongs to you. You should exceed in every field. Make best use of time you have got at your disposal. You should finish your assignments accordingly.

I sincerely hope and expect all to be well, disciplined citizens of this land which can be achieved by discipline, dedication, determination and hard work only.

I wish and expect that you will bring laurels to the school in all spheres.

Always remember: -

 • Work is workship

• Honest Laour never goes in vain

Dharmashila Shrivastava